22:51 PM 04-September-2022

Planning ahead, I'm gonna add a mirror page for all my games, plus a backup of the unaltered versions of the ye olde FH flash games.

Also, I was drunk and decided to build a store for some reason. This didn't go too far, because of a bad case of keyboardface right when I had a good idea and now I can't read drunk me's notes at all.

I'll figure something out. Until then, I hope you had a great weekend!


6:21 PM 03-September-2022

Holy shit IRL has not been kind to me. Well, now that I've quit one of my three jobs, I should have more free time. Now to do random stuff with this here webpage for no reason!

Also, I finally took the leap and set up a monero thing. I should have done this in 2019 when this site was last updated hawhawhawhaw. Anyways, gonna be working on some more FH projects after some DINNER...



8:37 PM 12-Jan-2019

In case you haven't heard, geocities.jp will be shutting down in March 2019. A full decade after the end of yahoo's geocities (which as you know is the inspiration for neocities itself), the last remnants of yahoo's geocities name will be lost. If you have a favourite site or service there, you should backup everything right now.

Rip geocities.jp, you were awesome.

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