The FH Games Archive

        Yeap. This is why this page's marked NSFW. This is the entire collection of forkheads games developed. From the esteemed
        HaZard and his crew, through the works of the legendary Klacid and TENT, then Lime and his team, down to the modern age.
        This list is split into eras, so you'll know what you're looking for. All files are in the swf format.

        This is not a chronological timeline, but the legend will live forever!

        Update plan: To have all games playable in the site via ruffle rather than just links to files.

          HaZard Era

          Sex Kitten Sim Date
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 2
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 3
          Dominus Predator Sim
          Sex Kitten Megamart

          Klacid Era

          Azumanga Druglord
          Love Hina Sim Date
          Galaxy Angel Sim Date
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 4
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 5
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 6
          Sex Kitten Sim RPG
          Sex Kitten Sim Date 7
          Sex Bunny Sim
          Sex Kitten Sim Insanity
          "Sex Kitten" School Girl Sim 1

          Lime Era

          Sex Kitten Day Care

          Current Era

          Sex Kitten Memories
          Sex Kitten Crime Spree
          Sex Kitten Prison Break
          Sex Kitten Mexico!
          Sex Kitten Mesa Madness!
          Sex Kitten Jungle Mayhem!
          Sex Kitten: HELL!!!
          Sex Kitten RPG2!: MIIIIIINDFUCK!
          Sex Kitten TV Dinner!
          Sex Kitten: Armageddon!
          Sex Kitten Insane Asylum!
          Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage!
          Sex Kitten: WATTT
          Sex Kitten: School 2
          Sex Kitten 9
          Sex Kitten Oh Brother!